Give Yourself A Raise! (Don’t Have the Money, I Bet You Do!)

Today is AUTHORPRENEUR THURSDAY!  What that means is, this is the day that I spend time sharing tips and resources for Authors.

I have a friend who owns, ZLS Publishing, a publishing company in New York.  She posts author tips everyday, but today there was a conversation on her page that prompted me to drop this in a blog and send it out (because 140 characters is just not enough to communicate my point).

Long and short of it, ZLS shared a blog on her page called , “You Wrote It, But Can You Promote it!”  To which, someone replied “No funds to do….”.  Immediately, I thought about a show I did a few years back called “How to Give Yourself a Raise” and shared it on her page as a resource.

This also made me reflect on the numerous conversations I’ve had with people over the years who always use money as the excuse for “not getting started”.  So I just wanted to drop this audio back in to circulation as a resource for those who may be financially challenged and it’s preventing them from moving forward.

Yes, this information is for anyone, not just authors.  So those of you are are seeking more funds take a look at your checkbook first.  You just might find that you have the ability to actually give yourself a raise based on your current income level. So the next time you find yourself saying, “but I don’t have the money!”  Pull up this blog and take a listen because, I bet you do!

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Setting Prices As A New Entrepreneur

I spent the weekend in the Los Angeles area (a place I once called home), and had a fantastic time At The Helm, a unique event for women in business where entrepreneurs, small business owners and community leaders join together for a powerful day learning and business growth. It was refreshing to see such a diverse group of women, learning, leaning and gleaning from one another. I met the organizer of the event Alaia Williams, CEO, One Organized Business, a few months back while doing some online networking in the Ambitious Diva Facebook group and we have just began our journey (she will be contributing to CAREER Magazine soon, so stay tuned).

During one of the break out sessions, Haneef Jordan, Owner, Touch My Closet (another member of the Ambitious Diva group) asked a question about setting prices as a new entrepreneur and I shared with the group the formula I used to set prices when I first began my business, well over 10 years ago.   Almost immediately, I realized that I had a similar conversation with Colletta Abernathy  just last week as she was sharing with me some new services that she will be adding to her virtual assistant business, Tru Level Concepts.

As a new entrepreneur, one of  most challenging areas will be defining your worth and communicating your value to potential prospects.  It’s easy to “throw out” a price based on what you  feel you should be paid, but to be effective, you will have to understand your target market, how they do business, what the competition is charging for the same/similar services, and most importantly how to sell your business to a new customer base.

Setting prices as a new entrepreneur seems to be an on-going conversation, so I’m re-sharing this video with a formula for “setting prices as a new entrepreneur”.

If you are an aspiring business owner or setting up your side hustle, take a peek at this video and it will give you some starting points on how to set prices. While understanding your time/value are important, here are also a few things to consider:

1. You have experience/skill as an employee, but you still have to learn how to become an entrepreneur
2. Set competitive pricing because people will search competitors sites and compare pricing/services.
3. Don’t sell yourself short, but be realistic about your prices. You can’t pull prices out of a hat.

If you are in need of business development consulting, feel free to visit the website and drop me a  note and the best times to reach you via the “Let’s Connect” form!

If you have what you need, then why are you asking me? (offer something before you ask for something!)

Most of the time, I keep my chat option closed when I’m on Social Media websites.  Mostly because, it’s a distraction.  While many people use social media to be social, I use social media to make money!  I’m an entrepreneur… I’m in business to make money!

So I was sitting here working (on a Saturday morning) when I received an instant message asking me for advice on “how to start a magazine!”    Maybe it’s just me, but if someone whom I initially connected with on Facebook in 2010, but have yet to interact with replied to me that way, I would have immediately understood…

#1…They are not willing to help me for free and #2….They would prefer to have this conversation during normal business hours (not on a Saturday morning).   However, the person on the other end of the instant message did not catch the hint.    They returned the message by telling me that “since I’ve traveled the road, they are looking for a mentor”.  To which, I replied, “I understand what you’re looking for and that is not something I can do for free!”

The next instant message reads… {and I quote}, “Well i know how to start the business piece of it.. i guess what im asking for is the nuts and bolts for the publication its self… As far as good publishers… Good ways to research info, should it be subscription based starting out or maybe just advise so that i dont make a lot of costly mistakes investment wise..?”

To which, I replied, ” I knew exactly where you were going…I get these kind of request all the time…and yes…what you are asking for is business development advice. The questions you are asking are not surface questions…there are a ton of variables. For example..should it be subscription based?… that depends on the goal for your publication and how you plan to market it…all of which are not just simple get to the core of your questions….you have to “develop a plan” for it first”.

My guess is this is where I struck a nerve with the person, because they replied again, but this time added in their response, “I have a family full of networkers…. We have several allstate insurance office, my cousin owns a hair care company in Atlanta… I have all I need.. I only asked you because my cousin said you were a good person to know….. but sometimes helping some one can bring a million fold.. God bless. I believe I have the right to be offended!  But I know being offended is a choice and so I decided to laugh instead.  I have a website, a FB fan page, a Twitter page, a Linked in page and a Youtube page full of FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Information.  I also have nine books and a magazine, that provides even better information for a small investment, but yet, I’m being bothered with foolishness on a Saturday morning and being told that I should be willing to help people.   I could have totally lost it and went on the deep end, but I kept my cool (cause I’m cool like that!)

But he just simply couldn’t get it through his head…and now he is going to tell everyone how terrible CAREER Magazine is because “we don’t work for FREE”  (Is this where I insert a tear?)

I’m not really sure, what part of call my office on Monday was confusing, but it’s clear to me that when they heard the word, CONSULTATION, they also heard, SHE DOESNT WORK FOR FREE (and that didn’t seem to be enough to simply move on to all their family members who can help them better than me anyway).  Okay…now I’ll stop with the foolishness.

The point of sharing this, it to remind everyone NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING…not even conversation!  Everything cost something!  Even, it is just sweat equity!  Imagine how differently, the conversation would have gone if they said…”Hey, Stephanie, I love what you’re doing, and I’d like to start a Magazine one day, is there anything I can help you with in exchange for learning the ropes!”  Ahhhhhhh…..I may have put everything I was working on aside and made them a priority!  Truth is, the time I spent with the inboxer and the time I spent writing this blog has cost me an hour of work.  I planned to do a little work until noon today, but I will be here another hour.  So that I may get back to work, I will end this post puzzled but I  have to ask, “If you have what you need ALREADY, then why are you asking me?”

Don’t be surprised, It’s WordPress: 15 Amazing Websites Powered by WordPress

Recently I attended Word Camp NYC 2012, at the conference dedicated to nothing but WordPress I was amazed at how many people still had no idea what a powerful tool WordPress is. So this prompted me to go through WordPress showcase and find some of the best and brightest word press site and share it with my readers here at and on my site

Don’t be surprised, It’s WordPress: 15 Amazing Websites Powered by WordPress

From: Akilah Thompkins-Robinson Owner and Lead Creative at AKZMe Designs, LLC.

I’ve been using WordPress for almost 4 years initially like most users I used it as a blogging platform, then eventually as my skills grew and WordPress grew I quickly learned that it is so much more than a blog. WordPress is a powerful CMS (Content Management System) and can be used to build websites, Forum sites, online stores and many other online functions. To date I have moved 95% of my clients websites to a WordPress platform, mostly due to it’s ease of use for my client and me, the out of the box SEO functionality, and most important it’s scalability. I can easily build a basic site for a client today and as their business grows add a blog, a store, or any other functionality with out the extra time of and cost of rebuilding the site. Although WordPress has become a proven contender in building a solid online presence I still find users who thinks its just a blog platform, only for beginners, and small projects; but with the right tools and designer ;) WordPress can support the most powerful website.

If you’re still not convinced check out this great list websites powered by WordPress:

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Vancouver Convention Center


Best Buy

Katty Perry

University of Arkansas

Administrative Council of the United States

The Bedford Hotel UK

CBS Local


Drew University


Kobe Bryant




Tribune Media Group


Anderson Cooper 360




Tech Crunch



Are you shocked by some of the sites listed? Do you have any other great WordPress Sites to add to the list? Leave us a comment

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