UPDATE: Rhonda A. Lee fired TWICE in 11 months.

This blog is an update to a previous blog, Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow…was it worth it Rhonda Lee? posted on December 14, 2012.

Fired Meteorologist Rhonda A. Lee appeared on the Steve Harvey Show which aired Friday, February 11, 2013.  I watched The Steve Harvey Show hoping that Rhonda A. Lee would say something say that would change my mind about her termination.  However she made comments that made me stick to my original opinion (which is KBTS rightly terminated Ms. Lee).  Rhonda Lee continues to state that KBTS does not have a “social media policy”, however media outlets have reported that all employees were given the email directive on August 31, 2012 not to respond to negative comments on social media platforms including Facebook.  When interviewed by CNN Contributor, Roland Martin, Lee said, “she never saw it!”

rhondalee-emmitt-vascocu-300x297While Lee volunteered to tell Steve Harvey that the viewer apologized to her, she neglected to freely share that the viewer who made the comments was mentally ill and has been bi-polar since birth and that this was her second job in 11 months.

You can read the updated response here. 

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Olivier Blanchard – Social Media ROI

We’re excited about our next issue of CAREER Magazine, we caught up with Olivier Blanchard, Author of Social Media ROI this morning and he gave us a few nuggets on Social Media.

You can read more about his take on “Social Media Matters” as well as find out what he thinks about the future of social media, blogging, and how to get a return on your investment from social media. His feature drops Oct 15, 2012.  Here’s a quick video, …but just wait until you read the interview!

Having a “presence” in social media is worthless unless you do something with it.  It isn’t enough to merely have a blog, a YouTube channel, and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and a half dozen other platforms.  Olivier Blanchard

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