Keeping Your Job Search Confidential

We have all been there. Looking for an new job while we already have one and worrying if our current employer will find out.  Several states in the U.S. have different employment laws that allow employers to fire at will.  Therefore, protecting yourself from giving your current employer a reason to let you go early is very important.  One of those reasons might be if you are seeking employment with another company and your boss catches wind of this.  There are several ways this can happen and I will touch up on the two most common ones below.

1)  Using Online Job Boards:  While searching for jobs online, you might come across a job board that posts advertisements for available openings.  These postings allow a job seeker to apply directly to the listing from a PC or laptop computer.  If you are doing this at work, more than likely you are being watched or your computer activity is being monitored.  NEVER look for a new job while you are at work if you are concerned about continuing to get paychecks until that time comes.  You might be surprised when your boss calls you to the office and asks why you have been using the computer equipment to search for a new job when you should have been working.

2) Posting Your Resume Online:  This is one of the easiest ways to expose yourself and eliminate the possibility of a confidential job search. You are searching for a job online and decide to upload your resume to a website that promises to match you with employers in your area. This can go wrong one of two ways.

- The website is a scam and takes your personal contact information to use for illegal purposes such as identity theft.

- Your current employer utilizes the website to “search resumes” in their database and stumbles across yours.

Both of these are something you don’t want to happen if you are trying to keep your new job search a secret.  Sometimes utilizing the help of a confidential resume service can give you the protection you need since they will make sure your information is kept secure from public misuse. Also, this may be very beneficial if you are in a government role and need to protect highly sensitive or classified information from being posted online.

Check with your local state laws and your company’s policies before attempting any job search and without knowing your rights. There are ways to keep your information confidential and achieve a successful transition without being terminated early.

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